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Hoofprints is a labor of love, borne of a desire to save equines and equids from slaughter and retrain them to be used [for free!]as Equine Assisted Therapy animals.

It has become apparent that these amazing animals can and do have a profound affect on such diverse issues as Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders to Combat Related PTSD.

The range of issues and illnesses, though, is actually quite extensive — and there are many areas of health that are likely to respond to EAT that have not even yet been explored!

Termed “Hippotherapy” because of the effects on the Hippocampus in the brain which is believed to be the area of the brain that responds to Equine Assisted Therapies, here is a quote from the American Hippotherapy Certification Board pertaining to Hippotherapy.

“The term Hippotherapy refers to how occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language  pathology professionals use evidence-based  practice and clinical reasoning in the purposeful relationship of equine movement to engage sensory, Neurumotor and cognitive systems to achieve functional outcomes. In conjunction with the affordances  of the equine environment and other treatment strategies, Hippotherapy is part of a patient’s integrative plan of care.”

Hoofprints matches people to equines and equids according to the needs and interests of the parties involved so they can have use of the Hippotherapy protocol without having to procure their own animals. If it works for them and they wish to have unlimited access to equines or equids, they can obtain animals through the program and use them [free] for as long as they wish. Hoofprints provides any and all care the animals require. The only obligation patients or their families have is that when or if the therapy animals are no longer needed or wanted, they must be returned to Hoofprints.


Having knowledge of horses and equids is not necessary when considering Equine Assisted Therapy — nor is the ability to ride required. MANY people using these therapies have never ridden and many do not expect to do so.

Please watch the documentary below to learn a bit about EAT and how these amazing animals impact our lives for the greater good in ways medical professionals have only begun to comprehend.

This is one of the finest documentaries we’ve found. Please take the time to view this very interesting and tremendously informative piece: it is sure to enhance not only your understanding of how to provide horses what they need but, perhaps more importantly,  what they bring to our lives — for those with eyes to see.

“The horse is God’s gift to mankind.”  ~ Arabian Proverb