To ALL of the amazing people that participated in putting Rosie’s beautiful, happy face in front of a wide enough audience to see her saved — THANK YOU!!

She is a beautiful, loving, bright, happy, gentle girl who wins over everyone she meets with her charm and sweet disposition!

She is very accepting of the donkeys and horses at the sanctuary where she lives in the house and interacts with small children daily as well as her special friend Dee Jay.

She’s easy going and welcoming to everyone she meets — as though she’s never met anyone that wasn’t her friend. There’s no fear in Rosie, no ill will, no lack of trust. She’s the absolute PERFECT companion animal, kind and loving. She will Very likely be a sweet and caring mother to her puppies!

Rosie, relaxing on the couch at her new home at the sanctuary
Rosie smiles a LOT in spite of her huge load of puppies — and she lies down a lot, too!

We were in a hurry to get this posted for the wonderful donors that cared about Rosie, her plight and that of her puppies so bear with us, we haven’t had time to put together the collage that’s coming to show you Rosie’s daily life.

It will be updated regularly and everyone will receive pictures as well as puppy announcements as soon as they arrive!

Rosie is apparently very healthy, she seems to have no health issues and she is inherently happy!

This amazing picture of Rosie was taken by Darla with Saving Abilene Animals who shared it with Susie Davis, who put out the CODE RED on ROSIE in time for our resident ‘Ranch Mom’ AMY to drive several several hours one way to retrieve Rosie on Friday afternoon, before the shelter closed.

All in all, this the ROSIE RESCUE OPERATION hinged on a group of people doing all they can do on a volunteer basis to save ROSIE and her PUPPIES and provide for her a wonderful, loving home where her personality can continue to SHINE.

EVERY ONE of you that assisted in this rescue will remain in our prayers from this day forward. We cannot thank you enough for your caring hearts and generosity toward this amazing girl, who just needed a second chance at life.