Our ‘Orphaned Animals’ program is the result of many hours of intensive labor spent putting together a comprehensive ‘safety net’ for Orphaned Animals of every stripe and kind.

What could be worse than finding yourself disabled or dead only to discover that no one stepped up to provide for your beloved pets. For many, this would be a fate worse than death itself — and it’s an extremely common fear!

This is the number one reason seniors who want pets forego the opportunity to have one — because they’re concerned for what might happen should they not outlive their companion animals.

For animals, it’s the ultimate nightmare. They go from a loving home in which they’ve spent most if not all of their lives only to find themselves — at best — dropped into a situation they’ve never encountered before in a place and with people that may or may not actually want them or have time to love them to — at worst — being dropped into a shelters where no one knows or understands them and with only a few days standing between them and certain death.

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