About the Bowie Nine

A group of nine thoroughbreds had been kept as pets by a gentleman in Texas who had passed away ‘unexpectedly’ — at age 80 — leaving his young and healthy horses in the care of someone less than considerate of their plight.

The horses were immediately sent to a pipeline to a slaughter facility where a young man learned of their fate and told online posters about them.

We saw those postings and called to contribute what we thought would be a few thousand dollars. We were further informed that a rescue of this type would require closer to $15,000.00  and could not be facilitated fast enough to save these nine and the posting was borne more of desperation than of any real belief that the horses could be saved.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Charles Oldham of Yuma agreed to save them, paying for their release and their transport to the Quarantine facility in Louisiana where they would remain for the next 30 days.soc

These 21 young, beautiful horses are now living on a 119 acre sanctuary where they can graze, socialize and undergo the training necessary to help them find their place in the world. Contact us if you have aspirations of establishing a sanctuary facility. We are actively seeking those that have a heart for animals and would enjoy caring for these lovely companion animals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phones are answered 24/7 at 877.819.7776 Ext. 0.